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Sophie's Days Posts

Sunday selfie

  A quick hi before going to bed- this weekend I went home to see my parents, and I just got back to my apartment about an hour ago. Traveling back and forth almost every weekend is pretty tiring, but I also think I might bore myself to death if I only stayed at my apartment! I also changed the…

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Back home

Summer vacation and a three week trip to USA is over. I’ve been wanting to write for a long long time but since so much has happened I could only blog today! Long story short: USA vacation was amazing- going back to where I spent my exchange- student year back in 2009 🙂 I got accepted into a University to…

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Yoga time!

Yesterday was the first time I ever tried outdoors yoga. My friend at work suggested we should go there so I agreed! I really liked the combination of being out in a park and doing yoga. The excercise was calming itself and being close to nature went well along with it. I only took one class so I think the…

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