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Sophie's Days Posts

Weekend in pictures

Time is flying! November already. I somewhat take back what I said a few posts ago… Fall is not the worst. This year I’ve actually enjoyed the beautiful colors, darkening nights, streetlights, atmosphere and everything. 🙂 It’s nice. I don’t mind the winter is coming either! Last week I dyed my hair all of sudden. I thought for a few…

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Chantarelle hunting

Last Sunday was the first time ever that I went to pick chantarelles to the forest nearby my grandma’s. My parents have gone picking them for all their lives, and I love the food made of chantarelles, but I have been a little scared to go myself. What if I pick up something poisonous? haha. Obviously these mushrooms are easy…

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Yay, I’m finally able to take photos again! New memory card! I’m trying to wake up my long lost habit of taking photos regularly, and carrying camera with me to more places. Nowadays I take so many photos with my phone that it’s running out of memory and most of all, I don’t even save the photos anywhere else. If…

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Sunday selfie

  A quick hi before going to bed- this weekend I went home to see my parents, and I just got back to my apartment about an hour ago. Traveling back and forth almost every weekend is pretty tiring, but I also think I might bore myself to death if I only stayed at my apartment! I also changed the…

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