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Sophie's Days Posts

Festival Weekend

Last weekend my Summer’s highligt took place – Flow festival! I especially love this festival for it’s great music and appreciation for art and good food. It’s a shame two days flew by so fast, but I heard some of my favourite artists and got to know some others I wasn’t so familiar with before. The weather was also wonderful even though otherwise this summer has been cold and rainy, so yay!

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Big shampoo

Here comes my first review! I’ve wanted to try this BIG sea salt- shampoo from Lush for a long time, since I’ve only heard praising words about it. Lately I’ve also become more and more interested in vegan beauty products. Last weekend I visited Helsinki, and while waiting for the train I went window shopping on the railroad station. Once I saw the LUSH- shop I couldn’t help but go in! The staff in the store was very helpful and kind and in no time I found my way to this bottle.

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Rome Photo Diary


Yay, first post of 2015! I visited Rome with my boyfriend in December and I thought it was also a perfect chance to add “travelling”- category under my blog. Rome is overwhelming with all its sightseeing and history and I ended up taking over 500 photos there… From those I picked 16 photos to this photolog. For four full days we went to see as many places as we could but it was impossible to add all of them here… Enjoy & hope you get inspired 🙂

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