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Dear 2017

At least for me (and not for so many great celebrities), 2016 was a pretty good year. I worked hard at school and work but also took some time for myself, friends and family. In 2016 my focus was mainly on completing tasks and getting stuff done. I know it will pay off in the end even though sometimes I have…

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Grey-ish hair

I have some history with semi permanent hair colors, and not all of my experiments have been so successful. Roughly three years ago I first tried to dip dye the ends of my hair with a turquoise color. Considering how little I knew about using semi permanent color, things went quite well; the color was beautiful and stayed vibrant for…

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Welcome to Sophie’s Days!

Now it’s official! Welcome to my new blog! No dramatic changes here, but I felt the need to change the name of my blog to something else. I will still be writing on the same stuff as in the previous blog and I also decided to keep all the old blog entries, so I won’t be starting all over again. See…

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