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Moi! Olen Sofia, 25-vuotias opiskelija Turusta/Tampereelta. Intohimojani ovat piirtäminen, kuvaaminen ja muu luova puuhastelu, johon tämä blogi myös suurelti painottuu. Tervetuloa lukemaan!

Hi! My name is Sofia, I’m a 25-year-old student from Finland. Some things I enjoy the most in life include drawing and capturing moments in digital / analog / photo / video forms. I love morning coffee, new food recipes and Ted talks. I get very easily enthusiastic when I find out about something new. I’m an introvert and quite shy, but I have a witty sense of humour and a soft spot for meeting new people.

This is my online diary, which mostly consists of my photos, drawings and thoughts. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

Social media:
instagram : ofiaofia
pinterest : ofiaofia
twitter : ofiaofia
flickr : ofiaofia
Instagram account for my drawings: @soofdraws

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