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Nordic Skating

This was already a few weeks ago but still worth writing about! 🙂 I tried this cool outdoor activity: nordic/tour skating. I have done regular skating in the ice rink many times in elementary PE classes but this was completely new for me.

A couple weeks back the south of Finland was having a winter vacation, which is the time to do all these winter outdoor activities like skiing, skating and building snowmen. My mom asked if I wanted to go skating with her and some of our friends. I’m glad I went, because nordic skating is one of the most fun sports I’ve tried in a while. Skating on a frozen lake, looking at the scenery passing by and having a snack at a pop up restaurant on the lake ice. It is the local volunteers who take care of the tracks.

I heard that Nordic skating has become so popular this winter that the stores are running out of skates to sell. Not wondering why, skating on the lake is so calming and soooo much fun! 🙂


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