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Grey-ish hair

I have some history with semi permanent hair colors, and not all of my experiments have been so successful. Roughly three years ago I first tried to dip dye the ends of my hair with a turquoise color. Considering how little I knew about using semi permanent color, things went quite well; the color was beautiful and stayed vibrant for many washes. However, I didn’t know that the greenish blue is probably the most difficult color to get out of your hair! So I went to my hairdresser who was shocked to see even bleach wouldn’t take it out. Long story short, the ends of my hair were dyed light brown and I waited for the color to naturally grow out. And I learned my lesson.. 😉

Now I have dreamed of grey hair for as long as it has been kind of a ‘trend’, but have not tried it knowing the amount of upkeep it requires. After the Summer my hair was really tired and I hadn’t got my roots done in six months, so I decided it’s finally time to try out something new! I know it would be a better option to go to a professional, but being ambitious I decided to try coloring grey hair myself.

Here’s what I started with:

Hair situation before:

First step: I applied the Olia Ash Blonde hair color. For grey hair I think you are supposed to bleach to get as white outcome as possible, but I thought that sounded way too terrifying and damaging. My hair is naturally dark blonde, so I hoped dying it just a couple shades lighter would do the trick! I first applied the color to the roots, and right after all over to the rest of my hair. I kept the color cream in for 25 minutes.

Second step: Every blonde hair color always turns out brassy-ish on me, so I applied the silver shampoo and let it stay for 30 minutes. By the way, I was really impressed by the silver shampoo I just got! It was the cheapest one at the grocery store and still did a great job. It didn’t dry the hair out like a lot of silver shampoos do and I was left with clean blonde hair. Click here to see the result after Olia + silver shampoo.

Third step: I desperately needed some sleep, so I decided to continue hair dying the next day. 😉

Fourth step: Applying the Herman’s Amazing ‘Gilda’ grey color. I really wanted to try out this brand, it’s quite new and it’s manufactured by a Finnish store called Cyber Shop.. The hair colors are cruelty free and 100% vegan, which of course are a huge plus. I applied the color all over, starting from the roots and working my way down to the ends. I massaged through the hair for a good while to make sure I got everything covered, waited for 30 minutes, then rinsed.

To maintain the color, it’s super important to keep using silver shampoo. Grey color tends to fade really fast!

Final results:

I’m very happy I tried it despite the challenges of the grey hair color! Next I might try a lilac or a pastel pink color..?


: Sofia

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