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How to keep up with a workout routine?

Last Fall I made a promise to myself: I will try to add more working out to my weekly routines. Now it is Summer already and I’m quite happy how well I have been kinda able to stick with my workout plans through Winter. It has not always been easy – I have also skipped some weeks and sometimes I have not felt at all like going to gym. But overall, I have made a huge improvement compared to last three years, and have been able to motivate myself more. My plan was to get more active, because I used to feel very weak and tired and it also affected the energy I had for school, work and relationships.

Things I found helpful when starting out:

  • Start within your comfort zone. At first I felt really uncomfortable going to gym and rather stayed at home. There are many workout plans you can do from your home – the only things you need are workout clothes and a mat.
  • After some time I started noticing the great feeling that I got after workout. By remembering that feeling, I feel more motivated to start again.
  • Remember to rest. Don’t push yourself too hard, workout when your body is ready.
  • Eat well.

At first, I started with workout guides at home. Then I moved on to gym and Body Pump classes. When the weather started to warm up a bit after Winter, running was an option again. During Summer I prefer to do more things outside and at home like jogging, orienteering and yoga. By slowly trying I’ve found lots of new ways to exercise, and there are many more I still want to try! Nowadays I try to do at least once or twice a week some kind of a bigger workout, and smaller ones, like ab workouts every now and then before going to bed at night. Last couple of days I’ve been feeling a little bit sick so it’s time to rest, but I hope soon I can go running outside again. 🙂

Do you have any workout tips? How do you keep yourself motivated?



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