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February favourites

I know it’s already March, but maybe it’s not too late yet… So here are some selected favourites from February!

Beauty: Sleeping mask, Lush Rosy Cheeks face mask
First a little bit of pampering! I sometimes have trouble falling asleep, especially in Summer because we have a lot of light in the Nordic countries even during the night. A sleeping mask comes in handy those nights! I have been looking for one for a long time, but when we found these really cute pink ones with my friend we decided to give it a try. I would not give it away anymore, I’m ready for Spring and Summer now! ūüėČ

I got the Lush Rosy Cheeks mask¬†from Stockholm. ¬†I have wanted to try Lush masks for ages and after testing the first one I’d like to try other ones too! This mask has a lovely rose scent and gives you a soft, matte skin after washing off. Definite downside of fresh masks is that eventually it will expire sooner than regular masks, so at least I have a little bit of trouble using the whole jar in a¬†small amount of time. So far (1,5 weeks or so) the mask has stayed in good condition when kept in the fridge.


Blog-update: I got a new domain!

As you can see, my blog has moved! I’m really happy that my new service provider¬†got the website and domain up so fast. I’m very happy with the new name, layout and everything so I think this will be my blog’s home for many years to come! I really tried to put some thought into the name this time, because that was the reason for this change in the first place. I thought Sophie’s days would be an easy-going name that describes my personal daily blog well. ūüôā

I still can’t blog regularly because of my studies, but I feel like it is important that this blog exists and there’s the opportunity to write. I definitely will try to get back to writing posts more often now! Anyhoo, I hope you like the result with the new blog.¬†‚ô°

Makeup: YSL glossy lip stain
Lately I have really started to¬†find the joy of using lipsticks and lipglosses again!¬†While we were on a ferry to Stockholm with my mom I saw this Plum colored YSL lip stain on sale for -50% and swatched a couple shades on my hand. What I love about it is the color that really sticks for a long time (I couldn’t even rub it off my hand!) and it feels really light compared to traditional lipsticks.

Music: Stromae РRacine Carrée Live
One day my friend told me to watch this Stromae concert on youtube. Before I knew only few of his songs, but because I can’t speak any French I couldn’t understand what they were about. This video has subtitles (which is awesome for non-French speakers!) and it opened up so much about the meaning of the lyrics and the gig. After watching this, I was simply in awe! I know it’s a long video but if you have some extra time, it might be worth checking out!


And that’s about it!¬†Whew that was a lot of text. Maybe I will come back with other favourites next month?¬†

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  1. I love your new website and domain! And ofcourse, your february favourites ūüėČ


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