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Summer vacation and a three week trip to USA is over. I’ve been wanting to write for a long long time but since so much has happened I could only blog today!

Long story short:

  1. USA vacation was amazing- going back to where I spent my exchange- student year back in 2009 🙂
  2. I got accepted into a University to study Computer science
  3. I moved into my new apartment just a few days ago

Starting to study at the uni has been exciting. My new school is two hours from my hometown and for the first time I feel like I’m more on my own than ever before. Everyone at school are super duper friendly and there’s always something planned for the evenings so we don’t have to sit alone in our apartments. Tonight I skipped bowling though, because I’ve been feeling a bit sleepy. =_= Currently I live in a student- apartment with two other people, but I’m actively trying to find a small, private apartment just for myself. All in all even though I don’t know anything around here, I feel pretty much like home already!


I would’ve put some more pictures from my U.S trip here but for some reason wordpress is making them all look different size 😮 Obviously I have to work on this theme later on!

PS. THANK YOU for the comments on my last post, I’ll reply to you soon! 🙂

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